Frequent questions

Well, that is a very good question.

Today, we have come to posses many material things. My business as a professional wedding planner, opera singer and event planner is to provide top, high- quality experiences; those that cannot be bought at a shopping mall. For instance, at the time of pronouncing your vows to the love of your life: This unique moment should be framed as a movie: You have spoken your commitment while in the back you have the perfect soundtrack (it is perfect because it is the one you have chosen it with your spouse long time before).

Opera does to music like Ballet does to other style rhythms. Once you are trained in operatic music (the most difficult of all styles) you can sing different styles: Opera, operetta, musicals, pop-music, tango among many others.

However, you need to be able to express emotions beyond different rythms, that is extremely difficult to interpret. Here is my personal branding: I am a talented and trained soprano singer possessing Gods blessing talent to adapt my technique to different rhythms.

Good examples of diversifications are the monthly wine tasting we hold: I diversify my repertoire depending on the thematic region: Zarzuela and Spanish pop and melodic songs for Spanish wine tasting, Tango and Folk music for Argentinean, Uruguayan and Chilean wine tasting, Opera and melodic songs such as Andrea Boccelli’s at the Italian wine tasting.

Not at all. We provide entertainment to companies, associations and private customers (Christmas dinners, anniversaries, any other special date you want a remarcable entertainment).

Moreover, we make adequate preparation of funeral services. There is no more powerful demonstration of love that to pay the last tribute to our beloved one with an outstanding musical service.

My fees consists also a rehearsal with all the people involved of at least two weeks before the fête. This includes a check out list not only of my duties but also of the duties of the providers that can impact the quality of my services. Therefore, when the show time has come everybody knows what is going to happen, can relax and enjoy the party.

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